Thursday, February 25, 2010

New Profile goods.

Continuing to innovate with the burgeoning CMX scene Profile has released these beautiful Spline drive spiders for outboard BBs like that on the Subrosa Malum and others. This is all in the name of optimizing the chainline, because as most of you know the straighter the line the more well behaved your bike will be especially if it's a fixed!

New Logo

I finally got around to throwing around some new logo ideas in photoshop but I'm having a slight problem sizing it right. Anyhow, I hope you all enjoy the newer, slightly more demonic (my father was a wolf after all...), GGG logo. Probably going to be more to come. If not they'll transform into banners.


This just in!

I just got my BLAQ Designs FRS in the mail and slapped em on last night. Looking super tight (in a good way) with the purple/gunmetal accents. Of course it just snowed about 4 more inches yesterday night so I might go try and find a nice dry parking garage. If anyone knows a good place to throw down sans wetness hit me up via email. I've been dying to do some more serious riding.

I gotta thank you guys at BLAQ for the straps these things are the shizz!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Febuary Edit

FEBRUARY Edit from Mike Dinh on Vimeo.

Some LA haunts. Fucking badass riding don't let the first bit fool you with just messing around on those stairs. Guys are seriously tearing shit down in the city of angels.

Jakob Santos for Area

Area Cycles Rider Jakob Santos "Day nd Night" Edit from Area Cycles on Vimeo.

I love 1:17 - 1:33 in this edit. Those poor people don't know what is going on at all! I bet they both thought if they should call the cops on these dudes. Totally sick, realistic edit. Way to go.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Steven Jensen edit

Untitled from steven jensen on Vimeo.

seen @ WRAHW
Damn this dude is destroying shit! Anybody know this fellow?

On another sorta similar topic I got around to buying a full HD mini cam so I can start putting my own (mis)adventures up on GGG, it takes stills too so expect some sick shots as soon as all this snow starts clearing out... It just keeps coming and out here there ain't a place to stick it.

^ my new Subrosa Malum is just waiting...
I take it out when it's nice enough
but it's never THAT nice...

Monday, February 22, 2010

DPH Profile: Shea Hardacre

DPH Profile - Shea Hardacre from DPH on Vimeo.

Edited by:
Shea Hardacre

Filmed by:
Joe Duplanty
Jon Fenton
Chris Smith
Kristen VanDeVelde

Dudes are blowing it up out side, sorta out of it with the snow around here...

Monday, February 15, 2010


FAVORbikes Grunge frame. Integrated headsets anyone? Dig the sick paint jobs on these beauties!

Ay Caramba!

Been awhile!

Check it:
Miyagi Bikes Turbo son!!!

Holy shit!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

fuzisawa 2/5 from nasty on Vimeo.