Wednesday, August 26, 2009

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Seen @ PEDAL Consumption

So what you can't see, is that she's holding a Katana in the other hand.

Seeing pictures like this make me wonder what drives people to perform tricks like above and others. Not that it's bad, evolution is nice, and even if it's in an obtuse direction. Despite what others may say I think it's a nice step up.
What haven't we tried making Xtreme yet? If it can happen to Doritos it can happen to cycling. Well, technically it's already happened to cycling. Been going on for awhile. Anyhow, when you take a look at people who are stoaked on it like D.A.R.T. rider John "Prolly" he makes a fairly compelling argument in his actions alone that this is a viable, and ridiculously enjoyable sport. It's the Big Boys version of BMX. Faster, sleeker, considerable larger, but so graceful. A fixed gear bike is genuinely a highly responsive machine considering it's histoic past. But youthful innovation. It's wonderful. It seems new products are arriving on the market every other week, and each one better and more durable than the last. Also, at a time like this, even if it's just fucking around on a bike for fun, you eventually respect it as a means of transportation, and the love grows from there.

For me, I don't think it matters what "culture" that you subscribe to, as long as you ride, and you ride well and treat others with respect, it doesn't matter. I don't necessarily consider myself to be a Hipster, for one, I hate cocaine, and indie bands? Suck my dick. I listen to hip hop son. Well, okay, considering there is so called "Hipsterhop" type people, whatever the plural is of that, I still wouldn't say I could come close, although I enjoy the aesthetic of streetwear designs and I follow certain brands, but I can't afford that, and why bother? I'm too busy enjoying my bike than believing the gear can make the man. It's experience. Don't get riled up though, it's not like I'm busting tricks off five sets either. I'm just riding. I enjoy it. I like going fast when I can. But I don't act like an asshole or a child either. Challenges are challenges. Riding every day if I can, doesn't matter if its just the 7-11 or a thirty mile trek to the river. Point is, I do it, and I don't try to make it a point to show off, I just do what I do, and thats it.

So why hate? What's the point? Satisfaction from some notion of Schadenfruede when they bite it? I'll admit, sometimes, naturally humorous, but look at the long forum of hate it started. What the fuck!? It's mind boggling. Anyhow, now that I've blathered on enough about whatever it was I started about in the first place. Let's thank all those who participated, and now if you'll excuse me, I have to eat the shit out of some peach mini muffins.

I don't even know what I just said.

Thanks to Ikuma Otsubo

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