Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Amazing mash!

Some gear I spotted @ Prolly's blog featuring my two all time favorite clothing designers of the day. Rebel 8 and Mishka! Really diggin' the New Era cap, I'd like to see some more from these two in the future, maybe not SO uh... Harley Davidson oriented. I like the twist though. Great stuff.

Now that I've opened with some sweet news, I have to get into the bad news... Only 3 days and 2 samples into owning my mini HD cam does some ASSHOLE STEAL IT. So all my plans for making some edits went down the drain, along with 200 dollars. I'm now the owner of a fabulous USB charger and a big long list of paper that made up the 2 year warranty I bought for it. Son of a fucking bitch. I hope that fucker gets hit by a bus driven by bloodthirsty zombies werewolves.

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