Thursday, September 17, 2009

But to me, they're just pants.

Outlier is awesome, don't get me wrong, but I'd rather buy four pairs of jeans than one pair of grey pants. Yes, they look awful nice and have some good tech behind them, but sheesh.

They're just pants.
"Uh, why am I homeless? Oh, now I remember... it was the pants."

In other news, ADIDAS broke out on SneakerFreaker with some "fixie" specific shoes, and while I really hate the term "fixie" like, REALLY dislike it, the shoes themselves look quite dope, slimmed down for proper feel and in two really nice colorways.

I'm diggin' the whole workwear tough trending but when you work downtown at a design firm, it's not exactly a fucking railroad. Anyhow, fashion is fashion, and we all look like morons anyway you slice it. That's popular culture. Pushing things forwards inevitably leads you back. Meanwhile I was away in Michigan on a 2 day bike trip around the coast, riding, eating, and drinking. I'll post some of the travel pics later on, as I felt that I just had to rant.

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