Sunday, September 6, 2009

Straight off the internet!

No Cassettes!

This is from the premier of their video on SF, but from the looks of it, it was a bike massacre. No doubt, I would steal. So. Many. Bikes.

I would need a very large truck and a shit ton of PBR. Kids were sick though, all sorts of spinning and maddness so raw, it needed to be spelled with a extra D.

This guy is in awe. What is that? A Cutter?

Even Master Chief showed up.

Other attendees include people with Vans Eras, some douchebags on motorcycles who felt inclined to show these "kids fucking around on bikes" that sometimes, people who suck dick for a living want to feel something between their legs other than a wet vagina... i.e. a motor.

Um, some kid with a laptop, a lot of people with expensive or ridiculous clothing, flat brimmed New Eras... and a least like 6 people with bikes. That's what they call them right?

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